Education for a Meaningful Life


We are opening a

secondary school in Brussels in 2022

AND, we are not waiting for the doors open in 2022 to start!

Start exploring your life path the Nomadic way

With a multidisciplinary and experiential learning approach we guide young people to lead their lives confidently and make real change in their community.

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Students gain a deep understanding of themselves, their strengths and the skills needed to navigate a world that is growing ever more complex.

What stands between the young person and a better world is a meaningful educational experience.

10 Ways We Support the Learner to Flourish

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The learner is supported to explore his/her/their character strengths, unique gifts, and her vision for his/her/their life. The learner will be affirmed for who she is now, and who she wants to become.

Nomadic School is an international non-governmental, non-religious, and not-for-profit educational project committed to serving young people, society, and the planet for a sustainable, peaceful, and just world.

"Education for a meaningful life"

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