Nomadic School is founded by Hsuieh Dean Lee, who sees education as a prime opportunity for learning the ways of a meaningful life. He chose the name “Nomadic School”, because those who are intimately in touch with nature, such as the nomads, are aware that one is a part of a greater whole. A meaningful life comes from this recognition that we are part of a greater whole. Whether this greater whole is our family, our community, our country, or something else, when we embrace it, care for it, and celebrate it, life becomes meaningful.


Like nomads who must be prepared and adapt to nature, we would do well to face the future with a similar attitude. Just think about how unrecognizable our lives today are to the generations before us, then think about how unrecognizable the future world in which our children will live would be to us? The increasing power, scope and convergence of a myriad of technologies will guarantee that the future will be as complex as it will be unpredictable.


Deep and meaningful contact with nature is the way nomads learn the essential skills and knowledge they need to survive and thrive. We want to have the same kind of contact with Life. Let us learn all we can about Life by learning about ourselves in a profound manner, as well as how we might meaningfully relate to our community and society in work, love, and play.


Everything we are prepared to teach at Nomadic School are equally important for the practical as well as “the good life”. These are the skills, behaviors, and mindsets which will help your children tremendously in school, in their relationships, and at work, whatever their chosen field of work may be (whilst keeping in mind that many jobs of the future do not yet exist, and that many of the jobs of today will disappear in dramatic numbers sooner than we think). 


The principles and research behind a happy, creative, and fulfilling life now exist thanks to the tireless work of psychologists, scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists, and wise men and women from all walks of life. It is now up to us to apply what these trailblazing men and women have learned, sometimes from a lifetimes’ worth of work, how we might lead a life where we can be happily actualizing our potential whilst proactively creating our lives from the most authentic place within. 


The world is made up of societies, societies are made up of families, and families are made up of individuals. We believe that a consistently happy, creative, and fulfilled individual who truly knows her power and importance in the world, and who develops and uses that power in accordance with the calling of her wise Self, will become part of the creative force which is endeavoring to bring about a harmonious and inspiring world. It is Nomadic School’s aim to prepare as many of these kinds of individuals as possible for their lifelong journey of meaning, purpose, and win-win existence.

"Education for a meaningful life"

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