About Nomadic School

Nomadic School is about exploring life, ourselves, and the world. We instill the idea that one must act to shape the world one wants to live in. It is a school where learning and growth are achieved through working with real world problems, including personal ones, and learning alongside people of all backgrounds and professions in society. We work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a way to frame up the big issues we would like our students to tackle.


Our school considers learning to be inseparable from personal growth. What we mean is learning that does not serve the developmental needs of the learner will be meaningless. Therefore, we design our learning experiences with the adolescents’ needs in mind. This is the age of exploration, intense emotions, and social engagement. Adolescence is a period within which we define ourselves by experimenting with a variety of roles and experiences, challenging the status quo, and aligning ourselves with certain value systems.

We put the youth’s personal growth in the centre of the learning experience

The positive side of psychology thus plays a foundational role in how we design everything. We employ the theories and tools pioneered by Abraham Maslow, Roberto Assagioli, Carl Rogers, C.G. Jung, Martin Seligman, and Christopher Peterson for the development, well-being and wholeness of our learners. We have constructed pedagogy, curriculum, and practices that reflect the profound insights harvested by these men and women.


At Nomadic School, we spend no more than 50% of the learning time in the classroom. Our educational model is to gain knowledge through interactions with a wide variety of professions and communities in society. Therefore, we will learn as a group and individually in various public institutions, cultural spaces, in nature, at home, and online.


We value the character strengths, skills, and knowledge required to analyze and resolve real issues. We prize critical, creative, and systems thinking. We support our learners to become solution-finders in a way that does not create yet another insidious issue for the future generations to deal with. We align with the tools and thinking developed by the Institute for Humane Education.


The intention that Nomadic School holds is for the learners to fully and skillfully engage with their own lives, communities, and the larger environment while developing the necessary skills and knowledge for independence, contribution, and collaboration. We seek for our learners to explore the vision they have for their lives and trust how life is guiding them toward that vision. We believe education ought to be meaningful and that the aforementioned ways are how to make it so.


We view the path of mastery and meaning as one that can be effectively brought about by confronting the dire issues of our times. We believe an earnest exploration with these issues, when coupled with personal development work, tends to lead to the illumination and discovery of one’s own vision and calling. The process of readying ourselves for the unique mission we each have inexorably brings us into the fold of the greater whole. Thanks to the authenticity of this process, we are intrinsically motivated to become effective thinkers and doers. 


Nomadic School is an international non-governmental, non-religious, and not-for-profit educational project committed to serving young people, society, and the planet for a sustainable, peaceful, and just world.


We are a secondary school for young people between the ages of 12 to 18 with the planned location being in Brussels Belgium, and a planned opening date of September 2022.

Another goal which our schools and teachers should be pursuing is the discovery of vocation, of one’s fate and destiny.” 


~ Abraham Maslow

"Education for a meaningful life"

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