Board of advisors

Cheryl Chinn (first from left)

Chen Wei Yen (left center)

程薇燕 (Chen Wei Yen) is the founder of Jian Kan Chan (roughly translated as “The Zen of Health”), which is a mind-body healing center based in Hubei China; she is also a co-founder of the Institute of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology Research Center (also in Hubei, China), a lecturer, workshop facilitator, supervisor of mind-body therapists, and a psychotherapist of twenty years of experience. Chen Wei Yen works with the general public all over China, but she has also developed a special focus in working with Buddhist monks and nuns over the years.

Margot Esther Borden (center right)

Margot Esther Borden, M.A. has been working internationally as a psychotherapist since 1986. She completed her M.A. in Humanistic Psychology at University of Durham, UK and has trained in therapeutic breathwork, embodied mindfulness, past-life regression and many other psycho-spiritual therapy techniques. 

Margot’s passion is exploration of the underlying truths of human consciousness and potential.  Her professional and personal research and experience has its foundations in eastern and western psychology and spirituality.  Her work is substantiated by a long-term, grounded commitment to her own integral development.  She is gifted with profound insight and devotion to humanity. 


She applies her unique vision and skill set in her private psychotherapy practice, teaching, seminar facilitation, coaching and public speaking. She works across Europe, India and the USA.  She is co-author and co-editor of Spirituality and Business: Exploring Possibilities for a New Management Paradigm (Springer, Heidelberg, 2010) and author of Psychology in the Light of the East (Rowman & Littlefield, NY, 2017).

Annie C. Bai (first from right)

Annie C. Bai is an American mother and attorney working in the field of privacy and cybersecurity law.  She is a graduate of NYU School of Law and the University of California at Berkeley (economics).  Annie has devoted many years to being a full-time parent to three lively sons.  She is, or has been, a director, trustee, community organizer and committee member for organizations in the areas of elementary schooling, nature preservation and education, health & wellness, library services, and technology education.  Over a span of two decades, Annie taught religious studies, introductory legal education, and martial arts (to young children).  Along the way, she has reinvented herself professionally and personally. Annie mentors women in professional transition as well.

Cheryl Chinn is a Chinese American educator who has served as a principal at the Berkeley Unified School District in California for more than 30 years. Under her leadership, Malcolm X Arts & Academics Elementary School became a sought-after award-winning public school by expanding and integrating the arts into their academic program. Cheryl and her team of educators strongly believes that children learn in many different ways and stressed the importance of educating the whole child. Aside from having access to a strong academic program, students from kindergarten to fifth grade were given the opportunity to sing, dance and perform on stage. Cheryl believes the arts are a wonderful way for children to shine; it is a powerful way to reach all kinds of kids. In her experience, drama, dance, chorus, instrumental music, and visual arts can build self-esteem and are as valuable teaching tools as books.

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