Hsuieh Dean Lee

Founder & Director, Educator

After twenty-one years of soul searching, Hsuieh Dean Lee responded to his calling by establishing Nomadic School in January 2019. While deeply connected to his Chinese heritage, Hsuieh Dean is also American and European in his life and work.


Besides running Nomadic School, Hsuieh Dean Lee has taught positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, as well as supervised graduate students’ theses at Sofia University (USA-China). Hsuieh Dean Lee is an advisory board member at the non-profit YouUbuntu (India), and an ambassador and academy member at HundrED (Finland), an educational non-profit.


Fluent and literate in three languages (Chinese, French, and English), Hsuieh Dean Lee holds a bachelors degree in economics (University of California at Berkeley, USA), a masters degree in transpersonal psychology (Sofia University, USA), certifications in coaching (The Synthesis Center, USA), Chinese Medicine (本元堂, China), information technology (IBM), business negotiation (Karrass), and projective dreamwork (MIPD). Hsuieh Dean Lee has also completed extensive training in fine art at the California Art Institute (USA). 


Hsuieh Dean Lee’s draws his educational theories and practices from his life experience as a teacher, learner, father, life coach, and business professional in Asia, North America, and Europe. He is further informed by his trainings in transpersonal, humanistic, and positive psychology, as well as ancient spiritual wisdom found in the major world’s religions. Inspired by nature, life and the people he loves, Hsuieh Dean Lee dedicates his work to a world where all may live according to their higher purpose and meaning in life.

"Education for a meaningful life"

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