A comparative study of two school districts: PBL compensates traditional learning shortcomings

High Tech High of San Diego, California is presented to us in the following case study as an innovative association of K-12 public charter schools which present project-based learning as their central pedagogy of instruction and operation. In order to prevent the development of systemic minority under-representation within its student population, High Tech High admits incoming students on the basis of a "ZIP-code lottery" in order to more realistically represent the demographics of each community the school resides in. Compared to the San Diego Unified School District, High Tech High out-performs other schools on various levels, including higher attendance, a net-zero dropout rate, higher graduation rates, smaller class sizes, and only slightly increased per-pupil spending.

Shields, R. A., Ireland, N., City, E., Derderian, J., & Miles, K. H. (2008). Case Studies of Leading Edge Small Urban High Schools. Relevance Strategic Designs No. 8: High Tech High School. Education Resource Strategies, Inc. Issue (8). Retrieved from https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED544390.pdf

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