The 6 commonalities found in principals of high-achieving PBL schools

The following dissertation applies to how project-based learning is utilized at the administrative level of high-performing schools in California, through the recorded experiences of secondary principals of each school analyzed. From it, we learn that project-based learning is not simply a philosophy of education, but an organizational framework by which institutions can better acclimate themselves to the specific needs of their community’s younger generation. In an overall population of 1,325 comprehensive high schools, 25 PBL high schools served as the target population of study. Results showed that guiding foundations of Visionary Leadership, Collaboration, Diversity, Team Building, Character and Integrity, and Problem and Decision Making to be the most common and mutual philosophies of administration within PBL high schools of California.

Ching, Daniel P. (2016). "The Role of the Secondary Principal as a Transformational Leader in High Performing, Project Based Learning Schools in California". Dissertations. 10. Brandman University. Retrieved from

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