The need for societal support and accountability for adolescents

This article opens a discussion about the scientific advances towards understanding the adolescent brain and the importance of societal change to support adolescents. The general population and policymakers play a powerful role in creating societal changes in the way adolescents are viewed and how their success is supported. Adolescence has continued to be viewed as a time full of risk and vulnerability, rather than curiosity and exploration. Yet, these views still overlook the need for societal support and protection. It is especially true for adolescents facing inequity through poverty, toxic stress, maltreatment, food insecurity, and limited access to high-quality education. Developmental science can lead the way to change, but only political commitment can ensure action.

Source: Journal of Adolescent Health

Bonnie, R., Backes, E., Alegria, M., Diaz, A., & Brindis, C. (2019). Fulfilling the promise of adolescence: realizing opportunity for all youth. Journal of Adolescent Health,65(4), 440-442. doi:10.1016/j.jadohealth.2019.07.018

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