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Explore Your World

Personal growth and sustainability courses for adolescents & young adults
Offered through educational partners, secondary schools & universities

“Explore Your Future”

Course Description

In this course, we explore the meaning and purpose of a person’s life in a generic sense according to various respected figures in the domains of psychology, science, spirituality, and more. We examine how their interpretation may be useful in helping young people discover their unique life purpose and meaning. Psychological models for a life of well-being and meaning are presented. Real and fictional stories of the journey of life and its deeper meanings are shared and discussed. Positive Psychology’s model for personal strengths and virtues and presented and used as a guide for helping students affirm and cultivate their natural capacities.  Students are invited to envision and develop a future, including their future selves, which speaks to their heart and soul.

“Explore Your World”

Course Description

This course is about exploring the issue and solutions related to sustainability through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UNSDG”). We examine how these challenges we face in environment, economic development, human rights, and other UNSDGs are interrelated. The role human psychology plays in causing or exacerbating issues of sustainability are analyzed and discussed. Lastly, we review how the world has attempted to address these issues at a systemic level through economic, political, and cultural institutions designed to facilitate collaboration and solution-finding. We will also review a variety of grass roots level and NGO efforts aimed at alleviating and improving the various areas targeted by the UNSDG.

Our Approach

Whole Person Development

Develop your future self from your strengths, visions, heart, mind, and spirit

UN SDG Project Based Learning

United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals themed learning

Solution-Oriented Activism

Work with organizations, people, and projects that are part of the solution

Experiential Learning

80% interactive, experiential, hands-on, self-directed learning, 20% informational

Pragmatic & Visionary

With the future in mind, start from where we are and do what we can


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