Who We Are

We are educators, psychotherapists, scientists, lawyers, writers, university students, mothers, and fathers. We come from different parts of the world, and we each have our unique passions and accomplishments.

The common denominator we share is we care about people and the world, and we believe education is one of the most foundational ways to create lasting change.

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A Note from the Founder

The Inspiration Behind Nomadic School

I love to learn. One might say this was destined in some way. My name in Chinese 學鼎 (Hsuieh Dean) has the word “learn” in it. On the other hand, my western name “Dean” is used to designate a certain  leadership role in universities, such as the Dean of a School. 


Schooling has been an international affair in my life. My family moved between Taiwan and the United States, so I attended the local primary (“elementary”) school in Taiwan, but my secondary (“junior high and high school”) and university education were completed in the United States. I have always attended public schools.


Beyond traditional forms of schooling, my experience with “school” has been multi-modal. It involved homeschooling, online learning, professional trainings, apprentice-style learning, cohort learning, and “self-teaching” kind of learning. I completed my secondary education in Chinese literature and language arts through homeschooling, but I also took classes from university extension programmes and community colleges in the evenings and weekends to learn about the visual, digital, and fine arts while working in the business world. 


In addition, I had a variety of professional training in the business and information technology world over a period of ten years. In my early 30s, I became fluent and literate in French by applying and building upon the fundamentals I learned through evening language courses while working in Belgium and France. Then, I completed a two-year graduate degree programme in psychology through a mixed online-residential cohort model in my late 30s. Now in my 40s, I am pursuing further graduate studies in Humane Education through a combination of distance and residential learning model. I simply love to learn, and I sought opportunities to embody that love despite the “responsibilities” I have had, be it parenting or work.


It is probably safe to say that learning has been the love affair of my life. In reflecting upon this love inside of me, I realize that which I have been seeking all these years is to experience and understand life as deeply and broadly as I can. This required that I grow as a person, which I gladly pursued as the path to discovering my calling. In this process, I fell in love with life, embraced its ups and downs, and discovered a profound sense of love I have for the world. 


Nomadic School is the project through which I am called to share and cultivate this kind of a love: one that is universal, inclusive, and elevating, which I find to be at the root of compassion and solidarity with all of life.


Hsuieh Dean Lee


"Education for a meaningful life"

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